Dress of the Day | Mary Katrantzou ‘Suddenly’ printed cotton-piqué dress

apartment print dress

Mary Katrantzou ‘Suddenly’ dress, £1,215

Today’s Dress of the Day comes from Mary Katrantzou’s first ever resort collection, which explains why we’re showing you a cotton sundress during the coldest week of autumn so far.

This isn’t just ANY old cotton sundress, though. Mary Katrantzou is famous for her inspired use of print, and if you look at this dress closely, you’ll see that the print features rows of high-rise apartment buildings, in shades of orange, blue and green. It’s the kind of thing that sounds a little strange when you say it loud – if you’d said to us, “Hey, let’s make a dress that looks like apartment buildings!”, we’d probably wonder if we were going to need to arrest you anytime soon – but which is so striking and unusual in practice that it just WORKS. We liked the look of this dress even before we’d examined it in close-up, but realising what the print IS makes it all the better.

Speaking of making things better, this also has a silk lining. That may or may not help justify the price tag, but at least you should FEEL like you’re wearing a luxury dress, should you decide to buy it. (And if you DO decide to buy it, we’re afraid you’re going to have to be a UK size 10, because that’s all that’s left in stock!)

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