Dress of the Day | Lanvin techno silk butterfly jacquard dress

Lanvin butterfly dress

Lanvin butterfly jacquard dress, £3515

Ignore the distracting pose from the model. (To be fair, WE’D probably want to twirl in this dress too, so we can’t really blame her…)

And the even MORE distracting price tag.

Also ignore the tacky gold necklace.

And, OK, the shoes.

In fact, let’s make this easy: just ignore EVERYTHING except the dress. The beautiful, full-skirted jacquard dress (Yes, we’re liking jacquard at the moment. We’d promise to try to find a dress that ISN’T jacquard for our next Dress of the Day selection, but let’s face it: we probably won’t.) with its bold, black-and-white floral design, and its perfectly-fitted bodice. It’s expensive, but at least it LOOKS it, unlike some dresses we could mention.

No, we’d never in a million years pay THAT much money for a dress: or not unless we won big on the lottery, obviously. But it’s certainly nice to look at, and we’re guessing it’s nice to wear too, given the look on the model’s face. Or perhaps that look is just pure shock at the price of it? We will never know.

Buy it here

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