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Definitions Check Blossom Print dress

Definitions Check Blossom Print Dress, £59

This dress is so pretty that when we first came across it we assumed it must be too expensive to even think about buying. As it turns out, however, it’s a pretty reasonably £59 from Very, who we’ve now made a mental note to check out more often. We really like the two-tone blossom print on this dress: the shades of pink, lilac and yellow all work together really well, while the fitted bodice and flirty skirt will make it the kind of thing you could dress up with heels for an evening out, or wear with a casual jacket and sandals on a spring day.

As for the rest of the summer collection at Very, it’s also full of some pleasant surprises:

turquoise dress

Jacquard sweetheart neckline dress, £55

We developed a serious obsession with jacquard dresses this winter: the fabric has a luxe feel to it which makes dresses like this one a little more special. We also never met a sweetheart neckline we didn’t like, and this one is no exception.

The Kimberly Walsh line for Very also contains some little gems of dresses, including this one:

Kimberly Waslh for Very peplum dress

Kimberley Walsh peplum crepe dress, £59

Great colour, great shape, great price: what more could you want?


lace prom dress

Definitions lace prom dress, £65

This one is just a little bit “prom princess”, but if you have an ACTUAL prom to attend – or any other occasion which calls for princess-like dressing – we bet you’d have tons of fun in that full skirt.  We know we would, anyway!


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