Dress of the Day | Bettie Page Big Bow Pencil Dress

Bettie Page Big Bow pencil dress

Bettie Page Big Bow Pencil Dress, $142

It’s no secret that The Fashion Police love Bettie Page. In fact, we rarely see a BP dress we don’t instantly want to snap up, take home, and cherish forever. Or something like that, anyway. Some dresses, however, are even more irresistible than others, and the Big Bow pencil dress is one of those dresses.

This is a retro-style dress that’s simple and classy enough to not look costumey, and which won’t look totally out of place in a contemporary setting. The “big bow” of the name is the stand-out feature here, but the pencil dress it’s attached to is also beautifully tailored, and we love the little buttons at the back of the neck, which are a nice finishing touch.

If you’re not keen on pencil dresses, however, there’s also another version available with a circle skirt:

Bettie PAge Big Bow circle dress

Because of the additional fabric used, this version is slightly more expensive at $150. Think you can choose between them? Find them both at Bettie Page Clothing.

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