Dress Crimes: the unravelling bandage dress


Seeing as the tone has already been well and truly lowered around here today with the cup-free bras and the crocheted bikini, we thought we may as well throw caution to the wind and lower it that little bit further with our current pet hate from the world of formal dresses: a little something we think of as "The Unravelling Bandage Dress".

What’s the deal with this trend? We’ve been seeing this style of dress a lot recently as we diligently police the world of online fashion, and it never fails to amaze us. Seriously, can you ever imagine feeling comfortable in a dress like this? With special cut-outs for your love handles (if you have them) to pop out of, and room for a bit of boob underhang? We can’t. We’d be walking around with our arms crossed firmly over our chests all day long in this baby, but if you’d wear it with pride, you’ll find it at eDressMe, where it’s $298.

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