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DYDDD: Do You Do Double Denim?

Officers, it’s time to re-open the double denim debate:

is double denim a crime of fashion?

Both outfits: ZARA

In the past, we’ve always dismissed double denim as an automatic crime of fashion. After a couple of failed attempts at becoming “trendy”, however, this year the Texas Tuxedo (or Canadian Tuxedo, depending where you come from) has actually started to gain a foothold on the world of fashion, and is starting to be seen here, there and, well, everywhere, basically. The two looks above were styled by the people at Zara (Well, we say “styled”: it’s actually not that hard to throw on a pair of jeans and a denim shirt, but hey…), but they’re far from the only brand currently pushing double denim as the casual outfit of choice.

Fashion bloggers have been amongst the first to embrace the “all denim, all-the-time” look, which has so far mostly revolved around the wearing a pair of jeans with a denim – sorry, CHAMBRAY – shirt, more or less as shown in the images above. (Extra points if you add a “statement” necklace to complete the look…) One thing we’ve noticed, however, is that while some bloggers do manage to pull it off, almost all address the subject of double denim with a slightly apologetic and/or defiant tone. It’s never, “Look, you guys, don’t you just LOVE that double denim is back?!” – it’s always more like, “I’m challenging myself to wear a trend I’m not quite sure about, purely because it’s a trend, and I feel like I should.”

That’s all very well and good and obviously, but we tend to feel that if your outfit is a “challenge”, that’s probably a good sign that you’re not quite comfortable in it, and we’d rather be predictable-but-happy than edgy-and-uncomfortable any day. That’s just us, though, so today we put to you the question: what do you think of the so-called “revival” of double denim? Is it something you’d wear, or do you think one piece of denim per outfit is more than enough?

Is double denim a crime of fashion?

Double denim is perfectly OK by Alexander McQueen
Crime of Fashion? Levis’ Texas Tuxedo denim romper
Double denim clothes crimes

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