DOTD: Oscar de la Renta striped silk-blend gazar gown

Oscar de la Renta full-length stripe dress

Oscar de la Renta striped silk-blend gazar gown, $6,790

We don’t tend to feature floor-length gowns here at Dress of the Day, purely because, as pretty as they can be, we just can’t imagine ever having to wear one. Obviously this doesn’t stop us from featuring lots of OTHER totally impractical dresses here, of course, but somehow we can always imagine finding SOME excuse to wear a shorter dress, but long ones? Not so much. Sadly the lifestyle of a Fashion Police officer just doesn’t provide many opportunities for formal¬†evening-wear.

(This is also why we’re always puzzled by the deluge of “Get the Oscars look!” press releases we et after the Academy Awards every year, in which various brands try to convince us that they’ve found just the way to get “the Oscars look” on a budget. That’s all very well, of course, but surely there aren’t THAT many people out there who need to look like they’re about to hit the swankiest red carpet of the year?)

Anyway: we obviously realise that some of you DO have need of floor-length evening gowns (lucky you!), and presumably some of you have close to $7,000 to spend on them too, otherwise Oscar de la Renta would be going out of business. Others, meanwhile, like us, might just like to look at them occasionally and dream up scenarios in which they actually get to wear them. In such a dream scenario, then, we’d be wearing this Oscar de la Renta striped gazar gown: we know the stripes are very “on trend” right now, but we wouldn’t let that put us off, and we think they make a classic gown a little more memorable.

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  • March 27, 2013


    I can see why you like it, but I find the formality of the cut at odds with the casual stripe. It just looks weird to me.

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