DOTD | Lela Rose floral print satin dress

lela rose dress

Lela Rose floral print satin dress, £1,440

Floral print is intrinsically connected to spring and summer fashion, for many of us, but there’s really no reason why that should always be the case: there’s no “rule” we can think of preventing the wearing of florals in autumn and winter, and if there were, well, we probably wouldn’t pay much attention to it anyway, so there’s that.

Furthermore, winter florals are currently a bit of a “thing” in the fashion world, which means that if you DO worry about being “on trend”, you don’t need to concern yourself about this particular dress. Not that most of us would be worrying, anyway, of course: at £1,440, this is strictly a “fantasy shopping” exercise for us: we can but dream about slipping into this satin, off-the shoulder number, and a very pleasant dream it is, too. We love the elegant neckline on this dress, plus the fact that the floral print is fresh and bold, rather than fussy and old fashioned. The bright purples and greens are a refreshing change from the classic little black evening dress (Not that we’d ever knock the LBD, mind you…), and the low back is a nice touch, too.

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