DOTD: J Crew printed silk and cotton-blend dress

J Crew blue silk shift dress

J Crew printed silk and cotton-blend dress, £500

Our thought process with this one was as follows:

Oooh! Pretty dress!

Lovely, simple shape!

Love that sky blue colour: would look so great with green, or even red!

Ooh! Parrot print!

Oh, J Crew, awesome: let’s check the price!




In its defence, it is silk. (Partly silk, anyway. Silk blend.) And is IS pretty. Would you pay £500 for it, though? If you would, you can get it here.

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  • March 25, 2013

    Liz in Paris

    I wouldn’t pay £500 (or dollars, or euros) for a dress. I like JCrew but get the feeling it’s become more pricey since it became known that it was Michelle Obama’s label of choice…

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