DOTD: Helene Berman polka dot shift dress

black and white polka dot shift dress with bow at waist

Helene Berman polka dot shift dress, £159.99

We need a polka dot intervention. Actually, you know what? We don’t. Because there’s no crime in loving a certain look, print or style, and  one of our big loves is for all things dotty, so we may as well indulge it while the shops are full of spots.

Our latest fixation is this Helene Berman shift dress, which combines the playful print with a classic, shift dress shape, plus a dinky little bow at the waist. Although polka dots work (for us) in just about any combo they come in, this black and white version is a particularly versatile one, as it will serve as a more-or-less blank canvas for whatever other colours you want to wear it with.

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