DOTD | F&F Oval Spot Print Prom Dress

F&F oval spot print prom dress

F&F Oval Spot Print Prom Dress, £35

Over the past few weeks, we’ve become big fans of Tesco’s F&F range. The prices are low – as you’d probably expect from a supermarket brand – but the quality is high: or, at least, it has been in our experience.

We wouldn’t, for instance, have guessed that this particular dress came from the same supermarket we buy our cornflakes and bottles of Pinot Grigio from. It has a wonderful, retro feel to it, and the exaggerated skirt, with its monochrome spot print, has much more of a “wow” factor than we’d normally expect from something that’ll set you back just £35.

This is a limited edition piece, and it’s also an online exclusive, so you won’t be able to pick one up next time you decide to do a grocery shop, but can buy it from the F&F website, where it’s currently available in UK sizes 6 – 22 (one of the largest sizes ranges on the high street), and also in a blue and white chevron print.

While you’re there, here are some other F&F shopping recommendations for you:

pink coat

pink coat, £50

Yup, it may be almost February, but brands are still churning out pink coats like… well, like they’re going out of fashion. Which they will be, one of these days, but that day hasn’t come so far, and to be completely honest, we don’t really care, because we still love the winter pastels look. This coat is an affordable way to wear it, at just £50.

F&F contrast panel swimsuit

F&F contrast panel swimsuit, £15

From coats to swimsuits, in one easy move! OK, we know it’s probably a bit cold for this kind of thing right now, but maybe you have a winter sun holiday booked? Or maybe you’re just sick to death of looking at winter clothes, and who could possibly blame you? Either way, you could do worse than this F&F contrast panel swimsuit, which is a bargain at just £15.


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