DOTD | Coast mesh ‘Alberta’ dress

Coast 'Alberta' mesh green dress

Coast ‘Alberta’ dress, £135

We have so much love for Coast’s current collection that we could have picked any number of dresses as our Dress of the Day. No, seriously.

We’ve picked this ‘Alberta’ dress for a few reasons. One is simply that we love mint green/aqua, and we don’t care who knows it.

The other, however, is that is an example of the mesh (or any other sheer fabric) used for good rather than evil in the making of an item of clothing. Remember those Topshop “sweaters” we arrested last week? That’s an example of sheer fabric that’s turned to the Dark Side. This dress, however? This uses layers of sheer mesh to create a diaphanous, glamorous feel, and it doesn’t get much better than that, as far as we’re concerned. Of course, some might argue that the high neck and low hem makes this dress “frumpy”, but we’d say it’s never the clothing itself that’s “frumpy”: it’s how you wear it. Add a pair of delicate sandals and some pretty accessories and this will be the epitome of classic glamour, and make you feel like you’re starring in an old Hollywood movie. We promise.

Some other items we’re currently coveting from Coast:

Coast 'Glamour Bow' dress in coral and black

Coast ‘Glamour Bow’ dress, £185

The ‘Glamour Bow’ dress is a previous Dress of the Day, which means it wasn’t eligible to hold the title for a second time: we’re strict like that. Well, most of the time, anyway. It has, however, just been re-released in two new colours for Spring: coral, and a black/white mix. We love them both: this was one of our favourite dresses of 2013, so we hope Coast continue to re-release it, in as many colours as they can come up with.

Speaking of coral:

Coast 'Aralynn' skirt, £115

Coast ‘Aralynn’ skirt, £115

Coast have really embraced the trend for 50s-style full skirts, and that earns them lots of Brownie points from us, obviously. We’re particularly keen on this ‘Aralynn’ skirt, which has an unusual, asymmetric hem, and which looks great paired with this simple black top.


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