DOTD: Butterfly wrap dress from Oasis

butterfly print wrap dress

Oasis butterfly wrap dress, £55

It’s often said in fashion circles that wrap dresses are “universally flattering”. Well, you all know The Fashion Police would never lie to you, so let’s just clear this one up: no, they’re really not. Wrap dresses can actually be pretty difficult on a lot of figures: if you’re large chested, for instance, they can gape around the bust, and if you’re particularly small chested… they can ALSO gape around the bust. No, wrap dresses are not for everyone, but for those of you who CAN wear them without having to layer something underneath (to eliminate that whole “gaping” issue) or constantly adjust the neckline and waist, this butterfly print dress from Oasis is a particularly sweet version of the “classic” wrap, and not too expensive either, at £55.

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