High Street Hero: Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top, £32

An intricate, laser cut top isn’t something you generally find in the £30-or-thereabouts price bracket, so when we saw this one at Dorothy Perkins, we decided to nominate it as a High Street Hero.

What’s a High Street Hero? It’s one of those items you find on the high street (Well, d’uh), which stand out from the crowd for one reason or another: either they look more expensive than they are, they’re the kind of quality you don’t always find from the price…or you just really like the look of them.

This top falls into the third category for us. We haven’t seen it in the “flesh”, so we can’t speak to the quality, and we were also a little put off when we learned that it’s made from “PU” (fake leather) fabric. That MIGHT turn a very “girlie”, classic item into something with a little bit more of an edge, or it might make it look cheap. The jury’s still out on that particular question, but if it puts you off, here’s a slightly more expensive option from Next, in good ol’ broderie anglaise:

white broderie anglise peplum top

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