Donna Karan’s Infinity Dress: one dress, lots of different looks


OK, we have to be honest: when we first read about Donna Karan’s Infinity Dress, our immediate thought was, “Hey, haven’t American Apparel been doing this for years?”

Well, yes they have, and so have many other retailers, we’re sure, so this isn’t a new idea, although it is an interesting one, particularly if you’re packing for a trip and have limited space in the ol’ suitcase.  What’s different about Donna Karan’s version? Well, a shed-load of dollars for a start – you may be getting a range of different styles in one dress, but you’ll be paying $895 for them, which doesn’t exactly make this a budget buy.

For that price, you’re essentially getting a black jersey dress with straps which allow you to wear it in various different ways. The possibilities aren’t quite “infinite”, but you can see some of them above. So, what do you think? Worth $895 to you? If so, it’s available from Nordstrom and various other department stores.

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