Doggie Bags: Fuzzy Nation’s Dog-Shaped Handbags

Doggie handbags

I can think of one really big advantage to these dog-shaped shoulder bags by Fuzzy Nation: there will no longer be any need for Paris Hilton to wander around using live animals as fashion accessories if there are actual fashion accessories out there shaped like live animals. As for those of us who don’t tend to walk around clutching Chihuahuas on a daily basis… well, I’m not so sure. Do we really want to go out in public with a Boston Terrier tucked under our arms? Or a pug? I’m not convinced, but if you are, you can pick up a new furry friend for £39 from Viva la Diva.


  • November 12, 2007


    They have bags like that here in the states and I have to say that they trouble me greatly. I have a problem with any type of purse that you would have to un-zip the back of an animal to get to your things. That’s just slightly creepy to me.

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  • September 19, 2012


    Hi there I have the grey bag and to say it has been an ice breaker in new situations is an understatement. Also a plus – I live in Malaysia and it has never been stolen yet!!!!!!

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