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Dita Von Teese Opens The New Cointreau Prive Pop-Up Bar

Dita Von Teese Opens The New Cointreau Prive Pop-Up Bar

SUSPECT: Dita Von Teese
SPOTTED: Opening the New Cointreau Prive Pop-Up Bar in London
WEARING: White Tadashi Shoji dress, usual hair and makeup

We almost always give Dita Von Teese the Fashion Police Gold Star for style. Honestly, we probably always will: sorry we’re not sorry about that.

Some of you strongly disagree, though. “She should be edgy!” you cry. “She should be unexpected! She should be worrying about whether her outfit has an ‘interesting twist’ or not! And rather than knowing what she likes and sticking to it, she should be ‘switching it up’ and always taking risks, and until she does, we will call her boring and predictable, so there!”

Today, then, we’ve decided to throw Dita to the lions (that’s you), and put her up on trial. YOU can decide whether the fact that her breasts appear to be at two different heights is worth commenting on. YOU can make the tough call on whether or not this dress is veering uncomfortably close to “builder’s butt” territory. And you can do it starting…. now!

Innocent or guilty?

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