Disturbing Fashion Trend: Lace-up flat shoes


Recently I had a bit of a fashion epiphany. After years of wearing heels and nothing but heels (well, and clothes too, obviously. If I’d really been wearing nothing but heels, I’d probably be writing this from a jail cell, a la Paris Hilton) I suddenly realised that actually, I love me some flats, too. The thing about that, though? Well, when I say "flats", I really mean ballet flats. Pretty ones. With, you know, maybe a little bow on the front or something. These, on the other hand? These are so ugly I want to drown them in a sack. Lace up flats? People are actually wearing these? For real? But… they’re so ugly. So utterly, sick-makingly ugly. And lookit the toe in on the Jill Sander pair, on the right! Did  Krusty the Clown just get done wearing these or something?

Just to add insult to injury, the silver pair are by Christian Louboutin, who had clearly been taking too much crack the day the woke up and thought, "You know what? I’m tired of making gorgeous, feminine shoes. I’m gonna make me some ugly-ass lace-up flats instead!" GOD. I hate it when the good ones go bad…

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