Disclosure - Fashion Police

TheFashionPolice.net is a commercial enterprise, and, as such, runs advertising on pages of the site. The types of adverts you’re likely to see here include banner adverts and contextual text ads (via the Google Adsense programme).

In addition to this, TheFashionPolice.net uses Skimlinks to add affiliate links to some of our posts: what this means that if you click on a link to a retail website and go on to make a purchase from that site we may make some money (normally a few cents or dollars) if we have an affiliate relationship with  that site. (If you would prefer not to support The Fashion Police in this way, simply hover over the link in order to see the URL of the website it directs to, and then type that URL into a new browser window.)

The site also uses Reward Style to monetise some posts, in the manner described above: please be aware that actions taken as a result of clicking any link on the site MAY result in us earning a small commission.

None of our advertising or affiliate relationships have any effect on the content of the site: the opinions and reviews you read here are all The Fashion Police’s own and all reviews are undertaken honestly, regardless of our relationship with the retailer involved.