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Unsolved Mysteries: Dion Lee silk blazer with sleeve twist


This is described as a silk blazer with “sleeve twist”. The “twist” is that someone has chopped off the elbows. Because, honestly! Elbows! Who has elbows in their jackets any more? Elbows are just, like, SO last season! But this: this is edgy. it is creative. It does not, in any way, look like the designer was desperate to do something, anything, to be different, and thought, “I know, I’ll just chop the elbows off! And everyone will think it’s edgy!” Oh God, no.

It’ll cost you £502 to wear a jacket without elbows. If you wear it Lady Gaga style, as shown, with just a giant pair of knickers, it’ll possibly cost you considerably more, because The Fashion Police will catch you and fine you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Dion Lee silk blazer with sleeve twist, £502

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