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Star Style on Trial: Diane Kruger’s crop top


We don’t want to alarm anyone unnecessarily here, but rumours have started to reach The Fashion Police informers that the crop top may be on the way back. Now, we didn’t really get into crop tops the first time round, mostly because our mums wouldn’t let us, and we probably won’t be slipping into them this time round either, if the rumours prove to be true, because we just don’t think anyone really needs to see our ribs.

That’s just us, though. Perhaps if we had ribs like Diane Kruger’s we’d think differently. Here she is at the Longchamp 60th anniversary celebration wearing high waist pants, tiny crop top, Longchamp clutch and a kicky little hat. For some reason she’s reminding us of Agyness Deyn here. Is there no escape?

What’s your verdict on the (supposed) return of the crop top, Fashion Force, and, more specifically, of Diane’s outfit in this picture? As for us, we think she looks cute – but at the same time, we’re hoping this is an isolated case of ‘crop top’… 

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