Start Style on Trial: Diane Kruger dresses as a penguin at The Other Bolyen Girl premiere


Oh, waitress? Waitress, could you hurry along that bottle of champagne, please? The Fashion Police are thirsty. Actually… wait – don’t we know you from somewhere? It’s not…? It is! It’s little Diane Kruger, down on her luck and forced to wait tables at the Berlin premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl.

OK, so we exaggerate. This is not so much a waitress costume as it’s… Well, let’s just say that the top half could walk right into a turn of the century drama and feel right at home, while the bottom half would probably prefer to be doing the can-can on top of some bar. Which is kind of a weird combination, don’t you think?

What do you think? Should we be arresting Diane for crimes of fashion, or will we just let this one fly?

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  • February 19, 2008


    It’d be cute with a longer skirt. She may have amazing legs and cute shoes, but that skirt is 5 kinds of terrible.

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