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Designer Vs High Street: Zara’s Miu Miu inspired cat-print dress and bird-print body

Loving Miu Miu’s quirky cat and swallow print designs this season? Hating Miu Miu’s traditionally super-high prices? Don’t worry: once again, Zara has come to the rescue with a couple of designer-inspired pieces at a slightly more wallet-friendly price. This little cat-print dress retails for $40 (although it’s selling on eBay for much more, which suggests you may have your work cut-out finding it in store), and our officers also spotted some swallow-print pieces at the Spanish chain this weekend: bird-print body-suit anyone? If the answer to that was a resounding “yes”, you can take a look at the items at Zara’s website, although there’s still no sign of that much-anticipated online store. Come on Zara, what are we waiting for? 

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