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Designer Vs High Street: Fold-over boots by Alexander Wang and Dorothy Perkins

They’re  not normally known for their adventures in high fashion, but it seems that Dorothy Perkins have looked towards Alexander Wang for inspiration for these zippered ankle boots, which they’re selling for £55.

Now, these boots would never have found favour with The Fashion Police anyway: for one thing, they’re peep toe boots, and you all know how we feel about THAT. For another, they have that strange “boot-within-a-boot” thing going on, and we can live without that too. If these boots MUST appear on the high street, though, this is the kind of designer copycat we like: they’re not so similar that they could be accused of being direct knockoffs, but the style is similar enough to make them a good budget option to anyone who loved, but couldn’t afford, the £620 Alexander Wang originals.

We still wouldn’t wear them, though. Would you?

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