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Designer Vs. High Street: Criss-cross sandals from KORS Michael Kors and J.Crew

This is an interesting case of Designer Vs. High Street, as the designer version comes from the designer’s lower priced line and is now on sale cheaper than the version it possibly inspired at the mall. The KORS Michael Kors Fanny Crisscross Pump was originally $275 at and is now on sale for $192. The fact that this shoe has been out long enough to be on sale, whereas the J. Crew version is new does lend the situation to speculation of inspiration. Hmm.

But what do you think of the J. Crew Ares Platform Heel, at $215 only moderately less expensive than the original price of the KORS shoe? They have lowered the heel a bit, making it more chunky, resulting in a more hipster, less chic, silhouette and the leather has a less expensive look. There are hundreds of files on J.Crew overcharging for items you could get similar versions of from real designer brands for the same amount of money. Do we now consider J.Crew a designer? Do we want to save up for J.Crew shoes and dresses? It’s just so darn stylish lately (especially from the looks of their upcoming Fall 2010 collection) that we’re too tempted to look the other way on these misdemeanors. What about you?

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