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Designer Vs High Street: ASOS Black do Viktor & Rolf’s ‘hip dress’

Of all the dresses we thought would be safe from the threat of the high-street copycat, this one from Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2010 collection should’ve been somewhere at the top of the list. Sure, the collection was full of the most amazing examples of fashion-as-art, but would the woman-on-the-street wear it, we wondered? Probably not (although, then again, it all depends on which street you’re talking about, doesn’t it?).

This is why we were just a little surprised to see ASOS Black try their hand at a high-street version of the famous design. Their dress is $202, comes with extravagantly ruffled hips and a slightly more muted colour palette than the Viktor & Rolf original, but have they succeeded in making it a wearable addition to the closet, even for those of us whose lifestyles don’t tend to include too many red carpets?

Tell us what you think. And if you just want to buy the dress, you can get it here.

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