A different kind of “meat dress”, by The Rodnik Band

Did you think Lady Gaga had the monopoly on “meat” dresses? We think you’ll find that’s just not true:

sequined meat dress

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The model’s face says it all, really, doesn’t it? It’s like she got dressed in the dark, and has only just realised what she’s wearing: a giant ham, basically. A sequinned one, though, obviously. Well, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a NON-sequinned ham, would you? The very thought!

We’ve met the Rodnik Band, creators of this dress, before, of course. It’s the brand behind the infamous “urinal dress” and its sister, the “nude dress“, and it’s also the band which can turn your dream of dressing like a banana, a washing machine, or a piece of cheese into a reality:

pop art dresses by the Rodnik band

If none of those work for you, however, maybe the cigarette dress will be more to your taste?

cigarette dress

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All of  these, as you’ll have gathered, fall more into the category of “wearable art” than of simple “fashion”. They’re hand-sewn, limited edition (only five cigarette dresses were made, for instance), and all cost upwards of £1000. They’re probably not the most practical items of clothing you’ll ever come across, but then again, “practical” isn’t really the point of these, is it?

If you want to buy one, you can place your order at Not Just a Label, which has a wide selection of Rodnik band items available. But which one will you go for? Ham? Cheese? Cigarette? Er, urinal? It’s up to you…

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