Crime of Fashion: High heeled handbags by A’N’D


We don’t often feature crimes of handbag fashion here at The Fashion Police, and the reasons for this would appear to be quite simple: I mean, they’re handbags, right? How much can you realistically do to a handbag to make it suck?

Well, quite a lot, as it happens. For instance, you can turn it into a shoe. Yes, a shoe. A high heeled shoe, to be specific, or maybe a brogue. Does a brogue-style handbag, complete with heel sound good to yoy? No, it doesn’t sound good to me either. Take a look at it after the jump…


Behold, the Brogue Bag! An ugly bag with an ugly shoe stuck to the bottom of it! Words fail me…

If you like them, or just want to laugh at them a little longer, they’re by A’N’D and are available at Creature Comfort.

[via Kingdom of Style]


  • November 6, 2007


    the tragic thing is that without those silly heels I actually really think the bags are really nice…

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  • November 6, 2007

    Laura Deadman

    What about those corset bags aswell they are also fugly as hell!

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