Marc Jacobs sticks Bags on Bags. Because he can.


When we first looked at the image on the right of this picture, like The Bag Lady, we thought it was just a tote bag with a picture of an evening bag on the front – you know, some kind of self-referential "in joke" for handbag lovers. And we were OK with that. Sure, it wasn’t the best looking tote bag we’d ever seen, but we’ve seen worse, and so we were just about to move on when we noticed the second picture, and realised that this is no "tote bag with a photo of an evening back on the front". No, this is a tote back with an ACTUAL evening bag on the front. In other words: they’re attached to each other. And so we have to ask: why?

The thing is, you see, if you need an evening bag, you’re generally looking for something small and pretty, which will hold your evening essentials. Having a whopping great tote bag attached to it kind of defeats the purpose there, doesn’t it? And if you need a tote bag… well, you get the picture.

Saks informs us that the Mesh Lace Robert Bag On Bags gives us "two looks in one". We say, "Yes, but why would we want that unless you could detach them and use them separately?"

So, there are two ways of looking at this. Either:

a) Two designer handbags for the price of one! Yipee!


b) Marc Jacobs is crazy.

Which is it?

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