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Designer Dupes: Mint cable sweaters by Acne and River Island

mint green cable sweaters

Two sweaters, both alike in… colour. And cabling. Look, they’re both mint green cable sweaters, OK? What they’re not alike in, however, is price: the sweater on the right is Acne’s ‘Lia’ sweater, currently retailing for £220, while the one on the left is just £28 at good ol’ River Island.

What explains the price difference? Well, one is cotton, and the other is acrylic, and there are no prizes for guessing which is which. But also, one is designer, the other high street, and as we know all too well, that counts for a lot in the world of fashion, too.

Which would you buy? Are sweaters one of the items you think it’s worth investing in, making £220 a not-unreasonable amount, or does £28 sound more like your budget?

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