Save or Splurge: Denim jackets


  The Fashion Police have long been of the opinion that a good pair of jeans are worth spending money on. We’re not saying you should remortgage your house for them, or anything, and we’re also not saying the best jeans are always the expensive ones (we like River Island’s efforts, personally), but given how much we tend to wear them, they do tend to be one of those items we’d be spending a bit more on, because once we find that elusive perfect fit, we’re not going to want to walk away from it.

Is the same true of denim jackets, though, we wonder?

We’ve spoken before of the return of the denim jacket to Fashion Land, and there’s no doubt that there’s even more of them around at the moment than before – particularly the mid-wash variety, as shown above. We’ve also admitted to quite liking these, especially during the summer months, when they can look good thrown on over a cotton dress. Sure, it’s all a bit 90s, but it’s a 90s look we don’t have much objection to, and it’s still better than all of the acid-wash 80s horrors that are floating around at the moment, so we can live with it.

Would we be willing to pay a lot of money for it, though? Well, probably not. We don’t think the “perfect fit” argument applies here in quite the same way it does for jeans, so while we like the look of the Current/Elliot denim jacket on the right of the picture above (£200 at NET-A-PORTER ) better than the £45 Miss Selfridge version on the left, we’d probably buy the Miss Selfridge version – assuming we were going to buy one at all.

What about you? Would you Save or Splurge?

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