Denim Fashion Crimes from Chanel


Like the gluttons for punishment we so clearly are, we keep finding ourselves drawn back, time and time again to the Scene of Fashion Crimes that was Chanel’s Spring/Summer 08 catwalk show. This show was responsible for so many things, both good and bad: it was responsible for starting the star-print craze, for instance. It was responsible for the re-modelled denim that’s been hitting the high-street lately. It was responsible for Keira Knightley’s horrendous W Magazine cover. (It also had it’s fair share of shants and shant dresses, but we think that’s enough to be getting along with for now.)

Most worryingly of all, however, Chanel Spring/ Summer 08 was responsible for these. Yes, they’re denim dungarees. Cut-out denim dungaree. With bikini tops. Worn, in the case of the girl on the right, at half-mast, the denim just grazing the ankle. We probably don’t even need to mention the strange woven legwarmers and PANTS worn over the top. Because, yes, Karl Lagerfeld apparently wants us to start wearing our knickers over the top of our jeans: but only if the knickers are woven ones and the jeans are tacky, cutout ones. We’re disturbed.

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