Demand for Vintage Collection dresses crashes the Miss Selfridge website – Fashion Police not surprised


Oh my God, would you look at that prom dress! And the embroidered one! And would you look at that little sixties shift dress with the flowers! Could you not just eat them? (Note: The Fashion Police do not recommend eating the pretty dresses)  It’s like I’ve died and gone to dress heaven, but nope, I’ve just gone to the Miss Selfridge website, which crashed yesterday due to the sheer demand for these beautiful, vintage inspired pieces.  I can totally see why.

Sadly, the level of demand means that most of these are already sold out, but fear not, fashion fans, Miss S say that new lines will be added every week. These aren’t cheap, mind you: the prom dress is £150, the embroidered dress is £100 and the sixties shift is £80, but I think we can agree that they are, as l’Oreal would say, "worth it".

Loving your work, Miss Selrfridge. We do need to talk about the harem pants, though….

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