Debenhams make “nude” tights for more than one skin tone

Bare legs in high heel shoes

Legs: they come in more than one colour.

Buy “nude” tights: they… don’t. Ever noticed how so-called “flesh toned” hosiery is only ever available in ONE shade: and how it’s a shade that’s only really “flesh toned” or “nude” on people who have mid-toned Caucasian skin? The models above in the image above, for instance, are not wearing tights.

Now they ARE:

Nude hosiery on different skin tonesIt’s not great, is it? Sure the two women on the far right ended up with legs which look more or less like their own skin, only smoother. It’s a different story for the two on the left, however, who now look like they’re wearing someone else’s legs. (The girl second from left is wearing someone else’s shoes, too. She clearly drew the short straw on this assignment.) This is a bummer, especially now that Kate Middleton has single-handedly (or should that be single-leggedly?) made nude hosiery fashionable again.

Don’t worry, though, for help is at hand, in the shape of Debenhams new “invisible” skin tone hosiery, which they’re claiming is “a first for the high street” in that the tights are available in a range of different shades, including “bronze” and “coffee” along with lighter tones such as “beige” and “honey”.

Here are the same four models wearing tights from the new range:

Models wearing skin toned tights from DebenhamsMuch better.

Now we just need the same thing to happen with the “nude” shoe: sure, there are some ranges which include “nudes” for different skin tones (Christian Louboutin does this, but not everyone can afford his prices), but when it comes to high street shoes, if it’s “nude” it’s normally a pale beige. But that’s another story for another day. For now, Debenhams’ new tights range is priced at £3.50 per pair: they don’t seem to be available online yet, but you’ll be able to find them in store, and hopefully online soon.

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