Daylight Robbery: Topshop Slubby boyfriend shorts

The Fashion Police don’t like to tell you what to wear on your downtime. Much as we’d like to make the world a more fashionable place 24/7, we recognise that everyone needs to slob out every now and then. If you’re most comfortable slobbing in a pair of your boyfriend’s boxers, that’s your call!

However, we do like to tell you when you’re being ripped off. And paying £10 for a pair of boxers that could easily have come from a supermarket multipack – and which look as if they might have been worn-in already – definitely comes under daylight robbery in our books!

We thing Alexander Wang may have more than a little to answer for here…

Topshop Slubby Boyfriend Shorts, £10.

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  • June 18, 2010


    im actually in s. korea right now and its amazing how many girls wear shorts exactly like these.
    their bottoms seem confused; they dont know whether to be shorts or capris

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