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Daylight Robbery? Markus Lupfer sheer beaded leggings

OK. Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume there IS a reason you’d want to buy a pair of flimsy, sheer leggings (which, by the way, we’re going to refer to as “sheggings” from now on. We think you know why.). Actually, come to think of it, maybe there IS a reason you’d find yourself in need of such an item. Is there? And if so: what is it?

Whatever the reason, we’d probably want to apply our usual rule of thumb to this situation: never pay three figures for something we’d be almost guaranteed to put a finger through the second we tried to wear it. In fact, scratch that: never pay TWO figures for sheggings that would very soon be EX-sheggings once we got our careless little hands on them.

Of course, we’re clumsy. And cheap. What do you think, fashion jurors: are these Daylight Robbery, at £229.99  / $359? Tell us!

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