Daylight Robbery? Jean Paul Gaultier mesh leggings

Jean Paul Gaultier mesh leggings

We wouldn’t describe these as a crime of fashion exactly.

Not exactly.

OK, sure, if you wear them exactly as shown above, then you can expect to be hearing from our officers. And probably the officers of the actual police, too, because what you’re basically looking at here, fashion jurors, is a pair of footless, fishnet tights with a tatoo print on the upper part of the leg. It’s not something we’d necessarily wear ourselves, but if you wanted the look of tattooed legs, say, without the actual “getting a tatoo” bit, and if you were prepared to wear something with them to cover your crotch (for let us never forget that tights are not pants, readers), we can see how these might appeal to some of you.

What we can’t really see is why they need to cost $435. Are they woven from unicorn hair?  Do they posses magical, thigh-slimming properties? Or has the Emperor been doing a spot of shopping again? You tell us…

[Click here to buy them at Opening Ceremony]


  • April 25, 2012


    They NEED to cost that much, cos they’re designer, innit? How else would you know?

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  • May 7, 2012

    Rock Hyrax

    Does anyone want to look like they have faded tatoos though?

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