Fashion Police

Daylight Robbery: Henry Holland lace bodysuit

The Fashion Police are starting to think there’s an underground movement determined to reintroduce The Rocky Horror Show stylings to the real world. It may well be hiding behind the 80s revival look, but definitely features that gothic edge that the frills and flounces of the 80s skillfully skirted.

This bodysuit could certainly be worn under something frilled and/or flounced to detract from the goth element, but that would really only serve to make you look like an extra from Desperately Seeking Susan at best, Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video at worst. And who wants to shell out £35 for that look? The Fashion Police feel that a pair of lace leggings and a lace body suit would provide a far cheaper and more versatile (not to mention more practical!) base!

If, however, the bodysuit is the only way you’re willing to go, you can pick up this Henry Holland lace number from Topshop.

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