Daylight Robbery | Fendi’s £400 keyring

fox keyring

Where do we even start with this one?

We COULD start with the fact that this £400 keyring is made from real fur: fox and mink, to be precise. (Because obviously one animal wasn’t enough…) Now, we don’t generally get into the “real fur” debate, because it’s an emotive one, which deserves more than a few short paragraphs in a post about a keyring, but let the record show that real animal skins were used to create this… actually, we have no idea what this is supposed to be. We WERE about to write “this FAKE animal skin”, but if that’s an animal, we’d sure like to know what kind of animal it is. We think it’s probably just some kind of generic monster, which brings us neatly to our next point…

This £400 keyring is ugly. And OK, we guess you could describe it as “ugly cute”. We probably would, if we’re honest. It’s an angry-looking little guy, sure, but if it was £2 in a gift store somewhere we might see the point of it, but the fact is, it ISN’T £2. No, this £400 keyring is… £400. Or £407, to be totally accurate.

Four. Hundred. Pounds.

For a keyring.

For the benefit of our American readers, that works out at roughly $633. 

For. A. Keyring.

And WHY, we hear you ask, is this keyring £400? Isn’t it obvious? Say it with us, everyone:


It’s Fendi. It’s OMGDESIGNERFASHION. And that means it HAS to be worth the money, right?

We’re honestly fascinated by items like this: obviously people are free to spend their money any way they wish, but we can’t in  our wildest dreams imagine wanting to spend $600 on a keyring. Not even if we were rich BEYOND those wildest dreams, and the keyring was made of solid gold, threaded with unicorn hair. So we have to ask, even although we’re fairly sure we know the answer:

Would you spend $600 on a keyring? Or do you agree that this is a clear-cut case of Daylight Robbery?


  • September 4, 2013


    It isn’t only because its designer. The fur used ads to the expense. Honestly sometimes I think they use fur just to justify the ridiculous price, since I believe fake fur looks as good as the real fur. Of course I think it is a robbery.

    Anyways, I really don’t like talking about my opinion on fur, because it is complicated. My opinion on fur is divided in two parts: would I eat the animal or not. If I eat the animal, I think it would be an hipocrisy to be against the use of its fur. But if the animal isn’t eaten by anyone (or worst, is in the risk of extinction) and they kill it just for the sake of fashion, it kinda angers me.

    Usually I avoid furs and leather because I dont know if the animal was just killed for the fashion industry, or if the meat was at least used.

    The only things in leather/fur that I have were bought to people that used the remains of the animals they actually eat.

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    • September 5, 2013

      The Fashion Police

      Fur is expensive, but this is a tiny amount of fur: it would have to be the size of a small child* for the fact that it’s fur to justify the cost!

      (*Exaggerating slightly. If it WAS the size of a small child, though, that could be kinda cool…)

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      • September 5, 2013


        I made an interesting mental image of someone wearing a key ring with the size of a child. Thank you 🙂

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  • September 5, 2013


    What is designed about this piece of dumb vulgarity, anyway? Design process involves creative thinking, creative problem solving, smart use of material to enhance the form and function, unique and individual statement and a compelling story to tell. Where is the designed part of this thing?
    Not only it is pathetic and disgusting to use fox and mink fur ( obviously mass produced in chinese torture factories ), but also it is of bad taste and vulgar that this crap is sold as designer item, with that price tag. So long as idiots live with easy money in da pocket, this type of charlatanism thrives.

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