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Daylight Robbery: Dolce & Gabbana’s tulle “dress”

$713? Seriously?

$713? Seriously?

Oh, Dolce & Gabbana, STOP IT. Please. You’re killing us here. You’re also fast becoming our Most Wanted “Shress” Offender – we’ve caught you in “Emperor’s New Clothes” style offences several times this year, and now we’re starting to think you’re just doing it to make fun of the people who’d hand over $713 for something that looks a lot like a pair of flesh coloured tights worn on the body rather than on the legs.

Of course, unlike other “shress” crimes we could mention , you have at least thoughtfully provided a bra with this one. It’s stuck to the dress, of course, but at least it’s there. The knickers, however, are the model’s own. We’d hate to think how much D&D would’ve had to charge for a pair of knickers AS WELL.

Think nylons would make an AWESOME dress, readers? Well, you could make your own, or you could pay Dolce & Gabbana $713 for this one. If that sounds like value for money to you, go here.

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