Daylight Robbery: Coloured pencil set by Lanvin


 Oooooh, what's in the box?! It's a box that costs $400, and it's from Lanvin, so we bet it's something brilliant. Shoes, probably. Oh God, we hope it's shoes!


Oh. Right. Coloured pencils. That's… nice. Coloured pencils are…always handy. Um, can we have our $400 back, though? It's just, we want it to buy some shoes…

(Of course, being completely new to the wonderful world of coloured pencils, we could be way off the mark here. Maybe that's just how much coloured pencils cost, after all? Not the ones The Fashion Police used to buy when we went through our brief "let's be artists!" phases, of course, but still, you tell us, readers: is this Daylight Robbery, or is it actually a fairly reasonable price for a box of pencils? You can buy them here if you think it is.)

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