Daylight Robbery? Anya Hindmarch headline printed canvas shoppers

Quick question, jurors:

$300 canvas shoppers: where do you stand on them?

Anya HindmarchWe get that canvas shoppers can be handy. For, you know, groceries, and trips to the beach, and other such affairs. And we get that they can be cute, and funny, and, dare we say it, quirky. (We feel dirty now.) We know that Anya Hindmarch, in particular, is beloved by the fashion world, and possessed of an extraordinary ability to convince people that her canvas tote bags are worth paying $295 for, like the one shown above.

Are they, though?

We’re going to go with a big fat NO. Because, honestly, we could buy lots of pairs of shoes for that. Or a really good quality leather handbag. And we can pick up canvas totes almost anywhere, for a few pounds at most – or sometimes even free, when summer rolls around and magazines start giving the things away.

What do you think, though? Do you want to drop $300 on a canvas bag? (Note: IT’S DESIGNER.)


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