Fashion Police

Daylight Robbery? Ann Demeulemeester cotton sleeves

Spare sleeves: they come in handy for those of you who have an extra pair of arms, you know?

In all seriousness, sleeves like these ones are the kind of thing we see fairly often on, and not at all anywhere else. Clearly sleeve-shoppers mostly use Yoox, then. Hmmm.

How much would you pay for these, though, assuming you were in the market for a pair of sleeves that don’t have a shirt attached to them? How about £169/ $256? Does that sound reasonable? Or are you just wondering why in the world these would cost more than an entire outfit for many of us? Well, that one’s easy: it’s because they’re by Ann Demeulemeester, obviously. Designer brand = licence to print money, you see. And once again, we find ourselves wishing we’d thought of it first…

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