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Daylight Robbery: Akris tulle inset dress

You can tell from the model’s expression in this picture that she is thinking, “OK, just keep still, one wrong move and the photographer is going to get flashed with something I really don’t want to flash”’.  She would be right too.

We just hope this dress comes with a plentiful supply of fashion tape to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.  Twist too far to the right or left and you’ll be flashing a whole lot more than you intended.  Perhaps you are supposed to wear something underneath it?  Saks Fifth Avenue seem to think this dress is acceptable styled in the way it is.  Clearly their stylists have not heard the ‘low cut or short length’ rule.  But they also think it is acceptable to charge $3,500 (£2,321) for half a dress.

Do you agree though?  Is this a clear case of Daylight Robbery, or is $3,500 a reasonable price to pay for a dress like this?  If you think it is, you can buy it here.

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