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Daylight Robbery: £195 mittens by Cooperative Designs

Mitterns Mittens. Cosy? Yes. Practical? Definitely. Fun? Sometimes. Worth paying almost $400 for? Er, we’re going to say “no” on that last one, assuming, of course, that the mittens in question weren’t spun from gold by fairies. We’re pretty sure these ones weren’t: they’re wool and acrylic, not gold, and even if they’ve been hand-knitted, we still think £195 is a helluva lot to pay for a pair of woolly mittens. Think of the shoes you could get for that amount, after all!

Still, each to their own, so if these mittens are calling your name, and £195 happens to be burning a hole in your pocket, they’re by Coorperative Designs, and you can buy a pair from Browns.

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