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Daniel Palillo t-shirt with multiple neckholes. For people with multiple heads, presumably.


Now, we know what you’re thinking girls, but don’t worry: although this garment is being modelled by a man here, it is, in fact, a unisex shirt, so you and your man can both wear it. We’re speaking literally here, by the way: when we say “you can both wear it” we mean “you can both wear it at the same time“, on account of the fact that it has four neck holes that we can see, and possibly more that we can’t. In fact, what the hell: bring the kids, let them wear it too! Invite your friends! “Share and share alike” has always been The Fashion Police motto, only not really, because when we get dressed in the morning we like to make sure we’re the only ones wearing our clothes at that particular time. Just one of our little quirks.

Of course, we’re being facetious here, because the designer probably didn’t intend this shirt to be worn by multiple people, did he? No, we’re going to guess the multiple neck holes are just there to, you know, give you a bit of choice. And choice is always a good thing, no? Just think of the possibilities: will you put your head through hole number three or hole number two? Is today a “hole number one” day? Who knew dressing could be so much fun!

Now for the bad news: it’s sold out. We know! SO unfair! But if you really, really want it, keep an eye on this website, have your $205 at the ready, and maybe if we all just wish hard enough, they’ll get some more stock in…

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