Crimes of Fashion, Swimwear

Cutaway swimsuits still around for 2008. Fashion Police despair.


I’m not quite sure what it is about cutaway swimsuits that makes them look that bit more obscene than other forms of swimwear. Technically, they cover more flesh than most bikinis do, so why is it that they always seem to make their wearers look so much more… undressed?

Is it because they draw attention to the bits revealed by the "cutaway" panels – typically the love handles, which most of us aren’t all that keen on showing off?

Is it just the thought of the "interesting" tan lines you’ll develop in them if you forget to top up the Factor 50 often enough.

Or is it, in the case of this one by Brette Sandler because the material at the top looks like it’s grabbing the model’s boobs and dragging them down towards her navel? I have gravity to do that for me, Brette, I don’t need my swimsuit to join in, thanks.

What does everyone else think of cutaway swimsuits? Fashion ‘yay’ or fashion ‘no way, you must be smoking crack if you think I’d wear one of those things?"

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