Crimes of Fashion

Cut-Out Crimes: Clothes With Strange Cut-Outs

We’re not sure whether this counts as a true crime of fashion, or simply a minor clothing-related annoyance, but today we want to talk about the phenomenon that is cut-out clothes:


[L-R: Miss Selfridge, Rare London, AX Paris, Cheap Monday, Nelly, Oasis]

We’ve all been there. There you are, happily browsing the racks at your favourite boutique or department store. You spy a pretty looking dress, or a top in a fabulous fabric, pull it excitedly from the rail, and…

… discover the strange cut-out section.

If you’re lucky, the strange cut-out will only be at the tip of the shoulder, or the middle of the back: annoying, but not TOO odd looking.  In the spring/summer of 2013, though, it’s much more likely that the cut-out will be somewhere else: and that there’ll be more than one of them.

As you can see from the collage above, the current favourite place for a strange cut-out is the love-handles. Because everyone wants their love handles on display, right? Even if you don’t, however, that’s just too bad: we’ve arrested countless dresses and tops this season which would have been perfectly passable if it weren’t for the fact that someone had taken great chunks out of each side. The upper torso is another favoured location for the Strange Cut-Out It, with it serving to highlight the bottom of your bra, or maybe your breastbone, depending on the exact location of the SCO. If you’re VERY unlucky, the dress in question might be a double-whammy, exposing love handles AND breastbone. And if you’re shopping in a place that prides itself on being “edgy”, you may even find yourself face-to-face with your upper thighs when you slip on that skirt and take a look in the mirror.

Needless to say, The Fashion Police are not fans of the strange cut-outs, which we think make most items look like they’ve had a near-fatal run-in with the Clothes Ripper. What about you, though? Do you think cut-out clothes are crimes of fashion, or have you just been waiting for the right moment to show the world your love handles?

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