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Culottes make a comeback: want some?

AS much as we love it, Spring/Summer fashion tends to be a little on the predictable side. Floral dresses. Shorts. Breton stripes. You know the drill. This season, however, a new item has joined the ranks of the familiar old items: or, rather, an OLD item which is going through something of a revival. Everyone say hello to our old friend, culottes

green stretch satin knee-length culottes from ASOS

Culottes, £45, ASOS

Culottes are not a new thing.

Actually, they’ve been around for a very long time, although they’re rarely considered to be at the cutting-edge of fashion, exactly. We’re sure you all know what we’re talking about here, but for the uninitiated, culottes are essentially divided skirts… or very wide-legged shorts, which simply LOOK like skirts. To be TRUE culottes, the garment should look exactly like a skirt, as in the image above. (This makes them distinct from the “skort”, which only looks like a skirt from the FRONT, but reveals itself to be shorts as soon as the wearer turns around…) This is actually a fairly practical idea, we think: you have the appearance of a skirt, but the practicality of shorts: and you don’t have to worry about your skirt blowing up in a stiff breeze, either.

Not all culottes look like this, though. No, SOME look more like this:

model in wide-legged denim culottes and platform sandals

denim culottes, £30

Basically a pair of wide-legged denim shorts, then. With a high waist. And a bit of a 70s vibe about them.

There is a middle ground, of course. It looks a bit like this:

models in culottes

Culottes available at Zara

These ones can’t really decide WHAT they want to be. They THINK they’d quite like to be skirts when they grow up. But there’s something holding them back…

These are just a few examples of the culottes we’ve been finding lurking in stores all over the country this season. They’re mostly inoffensive, but that just makes us wonder why they’re not more popular: after all, if culottes were super-fantastic, they’d surely be a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe. Are they? Do you own any pairs of culottes? Will you be buying any now that they’ve made a “comeback” (of sorts)?

What do you think of culottes?

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