Cuff ’em! Strange skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins

Skinny_jeans_cuffed Behold, the bastard love-child of skinny jeans and jogging pants! Never should the two have been permitted to breed, but Dorothy Perkins have thrown them together as part of some vile experiment, and this is the outcome.

They call them "shirred skinny jeans". We call them, "denim jogging pants", and while they’re far from being the worst fashion transgression we’ve seen this year, we’re sad to say we don’t have a lot of love for them. Let jeans be jeans and let jogging pants be jogging pants, we say. Never the twain should meet, because when they do, the result is the cuffed jean, and no good can come of the cuffed jean.

What do you think of these, readers? Would you wear them?

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